The Gasman - House (GasmanMusic)

In the last ten or fifteen years, The Gasman has been making some of the most beautiful electronic music I've ever heard. He first came to my attention from a Warp Records sampler and I soon found one of his early releases, Multiplex. The Gasman is actually Christopher Reeves, a musician who is both ridiculously talented and yet completely overlooked by the main stream music press. Over the years, he has also released material under a variety of other names too. How he has never been been courted by Warp Records or some other major label is simply beyond belief. At the moment he is signed with Planet Mu. Maybe they are big, I don't know much about that side of things.

His styles are vast and varied - a mixture of frantic Aphex beats on one album and the next, a series of beautifully composed and programmed piano pieces that remind me of Steve Reich or Phillip Glass. Lots of his atmospheric pieces over a frankly exceptional catalog of work harkens back to a style you might hear in the work of Isao Tomita. Over the years, Chris has been extremely prolific and yet the work retains an amazing standard of quality. His latest album House is exactly what it says - namely a homage to that style. Some of the pieces are absolutely beautiful (particularly if you have a longing sense of nostalgia for that period) and the whole album just has an amazing feel good factor that I still associate with that time.

If you've never heard his work, you really need to. For an introduction, I would check out Love Collection, Superlife & PowerPoints.

Actually, he's just so talented, pick any. You won't be disappointed.